Innovation & Technology to meet our clients' needs

Technology Strategies

Our systems have proven to be robust, flexible and fully capable of meeting the diverse needs of our clients.  Through continuous innovation and training we are successful in providing a great level of customer service.  Additionally, we provide training as needed to our external business associates who require system access, enabling them to better understand systems and provide service to plan participants.

We partner with state-of-the-art system vendors that specialize in Taft Hartley Fund Administration. The strong partnerships we build allow us to leverage industry wide IT experience and resources.  We take advantage of these resources to continue to grow our business, allowing us to spread development costs over a large installment base.  This ensures that our systems’ capabilities are consistently updated and maintain current security and technology best practices.  Our core Taft-Hartley Benefit Administration system is best in breed, allowing us to be competitive in the industry.

Technology Innovation

Our technology focus is on innovation and continuous improvement. Our standard practice is to continue enhancing our benefit administration platform with state of the art technology. We implement self-service tools and improve our clients’ service through workflow enhancements and automation which improves accuracy and turnaround times to better service our plan participants.


HS&BA provides several web-based portals which allow quick and secure access to relevant benefit information.

Our Participant portal allows secure self-serve access for our Participants to obtain information regarding their contributions, eligibility, HRA accounts, pension, and defined contribution account balances. Participants can also download various documents including SPDs, change of address forms and much more directly from their web browser.

Our Trustee portal allows Trustees and Plan Professionals easy access to plan documents, minutes, financial statements, agendas and customized reports all accessible within our secured portal.

We also offer an Employer portal which similarly provides fast and secure online access to employers to easily calculate and submit employee contributions.

In the near future, we’ll be adding a Provider portal containing information, tools and resources to check participant eligibility and validate benefits.

Please contact us to learn more about any of our technology offerings including our self-service portals.

“We continue to invest in our IT infrastructure to maintain superior systems that protect our clients’ privacy and data.”

Miguel Taime, President & Owner