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Health Screening Services

Health screening services set HS&BA apart from other administrators.

Our health screening program has 11 biomarkers—e.g., nicotine, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol levels—to measure health risk.
The objective is to help our participants become healthier by providing them with clinical measures of their health risk. When participants receive their results, they are encouraged to discuss the report with their doctor.

Esther Carillo, RSN BSN
Program and Client Relations Manager

Healthcare Screening Services

Inform and Engage Patients,
Link Vendor Data

Susan Manning, HS&BA’s Director for Chronic Disease and Wellness seeks improvements in healthcare by winning on two fronts:

integrating data from vendors

educating individual patients to take control of their health.

Linking the health screening results to information on utilization review, chronic disease, and medication adherence gives us a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s profile.

Using that understanding to help the patient know what questions they should be asking their doctor and how they should follow through on treatment makes a big difference.

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