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Today’s healthcare environment is more fluid than ever. Healthcare reform, rising costs, an aging population, delivery inefficiencies and other forces have combined into a perfect storm, challenging all involved to optimize the value of healthcare dollars under their control.

HS&BA responds to that challenge with communication, integration and innovation. Constant communication with our clients, their members and our vendors will help identify how, when, where and why information integration can be of most benefit.

Navigating Change in Healthcare

Healthcare Screening Services

HS&BA Connects the Dots
in Health Care

We integrate the information and enhance its value:

HS&BA coordinates our chronic disease/wellness and vision care vendors. Dilated retinal exams reveal progression of diabetes. We forward those results to the chronic disease manager so both can advise patients.

HS&BA receives clinical lab data from our lab network vendors. We share the data with the chronic disease vendor so their nurses can encourage members to discuss results with their doctors and evaluate their progress. 

We receive hospital reports from the utilization management vendor and send to the chronic disease vendor, whose nurses reach out to members the week they are discharged. Research shows that quick outreach helps to prevent costly readmissions. Nurses help the members understand their discharge plans and remind them to schedule follow-up visits with their physicians.

HS&BA’s nurses participate in case management conference calls with the disease management nurses to coordinate efforts. The collaboration improves program participation in the wellness programs and allows us to target interventions on individuals most in need.

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